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What is 2nd Unit Imaging?

The 2nd Unit is responsible for creating beautiful images of locations that tell the story of a film or television show. 

We fly drones, shoot timelapse, and come back with the footage you need.

Our principal, Jon Painter, has 15 years of industry experience specializing in producing reality and travel television. 2nd Unit Imaging is focused on telling your story, whether your content is travel, reality, documentary, advertising, or digital content. We're capable of taking your project from first concept to final cut.

A culture of safety

Aviation is a bit of a family tradition. Jon had one grandfather that worked at Martin Aircraft, another who served a career in the USAF, and a father who's been a private pilot since Jon was 7. Jon's flown right seat from Florida east to the Bahamas, west to California, and north as far as Alberta, Canada. 

Our pilots have received their FAA Part 107 endorsement, and we're covered by a worldwide $5 million liability policy when our bird is off the ground. We will work with the responsible aviation authority to ensure that any photography we do for your project meets all safety and any local legal requirements. 


Our recent clients include NBC Sports/Golf, Florida Power and Light, and Universal Studios Orlando. 

Take Flight


Jayceeoh & Britt Daley - "Hold On" Music Video.

NBC Sports/Golf - 2017 Arnold Palmer Invitational, for Digital Media.


NBC Sports/Golf - 2017 World Long Drive: Clash in the Canyon


NBC Sports/Golf - 2017 World Long Drive Championships


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